Get to know your photographer

Get to know your videographer 

Hi there! I'm Hannah, the girl behind the camera squealing over how much I love, love. I am just a big fan of romance, but who can blame me. Favorite part of our wedding day? It was filled with our favorite worship song, all the dancing, and ended with a jump in our pool. (peep the pics below)

Fun facts: Jesus is my jam, I have a big crush on a real cute videographer, I am an aunt to 3 cuties, dog mom to the most handsome retriever, a soon to be MOMMY, and will never turn down a good cookie (don’t worry, hip hop fitness will keep me in shape). Let’s hang out! I can't wait to get to know you!   

Hey, guys! I'm Levi, I'll be the guy running around with the dope video gear. I've spent a lot of time helping out at my church with the tech team and have always had a love for tech/camera related stuff, and ever since being in a relationship with Hannah it has made me want to video even more. 

My favorite part of our wedding? Worshiping together, my American flag cake, + I finally got to kiss the girl I waited to kiss since 7th grade. Fun facts: Jesus is also my jam, the 3 cuties Hannah mentioned actually love "Uncle Levi" the most, and my legitimate first name is Rebel. I can't wait to film for you! 

Friends, we're so glad you're here to get to know us! We are Hannah & Levi Tharp. Hannah officially started this business 4 years ago. Soon after we got married, Levi joined in with videography and now here we are. Our love story? Friends since 7th grade, thanks to the soccer field, and finally started dating freshman year of college. Two and a half years later and we were married in Hannah's parents backyard. We are all about that wild wedding in the mountains, or intimate backyard goodness. Bring on the romance, emotion, and never ending PDA. We are here for it and we are here for you. Let's get to know each other...

Our bucket list

     Los Angeles, California 
    Yosemite National Park
  Yellowstone National Park

Ready to meet up for the adventure? We’re ready to book the next flight!


Walker James

Banff + Maple

Meet our golden pups. Banff is our golden boy. We got him after 4 months of marriage. He is now 2 and a half and the most handsome boy. Yes, Banff as in Banff, Canada. That was our honeymoon spot so of course we had to. Our newest addition is Banff's daughter, Maple. Peep the Canadian theme. We can't wait to  bring her home to us.

We're expecting!! We can not wait to meet our baby boy, Walker, July 2021. We always knew we wanted to start a family around this time and me oh my has God layed everything out in His perfect will. Want to hear more about our lil fam? Be sure you are following along on our youtube channel.

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